Welcome to Educator Wellbeing

Engage with a community of educators seeking to enact wellbeing in teaching and learning.

Why Educator Wellbeing?

We bring together educators seeking a supportive community in order to share inspiration, practices, and experiences so that we can redefine successful teaching that contributes to a culture where educator wellness is openly addressed.

Join our Educator Wellbeing Community! 

What can you expect from Educator Wellbeing?


Informal Gatherings -- Community meet-ups, book clubs, shared wellbeing practices and playful challenges around various themes throughout the year. 


Networking with and learning from colleagues -- Sharing your experiences through discussion topics and resources on teaching practices and wellbeing strategies. Synchronous member interviews and small group conversations.


Team collaboration and thinking together -- Sharable collective resources, writing collabs, focus sessions and possible research or writing projects.

Who is Educator Wellbeing for?

Whether you are a seasoned educator with an established wellness-based personal or teaching practice or you have just started your teaching career and looking for support and mentorship to bring wellbeing pedagogy into your classroom, there is something here for you!

The cost is not calculated in dollars.

In our Educator Wellbeing community, we operate under the concept of Bartering Economy. Bartering is based on a simple concept: Two individuals negotiate to determine the relative value of their goods and services and offer them to one another in an even exchange. It is the oldest form of commerce, dating back to a time before hard currency even existed. 

Here is what the Educator Wellbeing community offers to you:  A hosted Mighty Networks space for building a trustful community for honest conversation and learning together. A network of colleagues or mentors with whom to create sustainable wellbeing teaching practices. A place to find others who can inspire and hold each other accountable for implementing real change in our communities.

In exchange for this, please consider what you are willing to give.  For example: occasionally sharing your experiences, questions or practices in the discussion forum or small group Zoom conversation. Leading one or more book-club discussion sessions.  Taking part in collective focus and writing sessions.  Offering one or more meditation, journaling or movement practices to our community.  Responding playfully to our creative prompts. Helping to lead, facilitate or co-facilitate and shape the community itself. Or something else!

About your Hosts

Maura is a Learning Designer at an art and design school where she also teaches in the Humanities department. Her interests are seasonal in nature–beach in summer, slopes in winter. Her superpower is giving great and empathetic advice, but not applying any of it to her own self!

Holly is an Educational Technologist, interested in new uses of technology for equitable education. Their passion for trying new things is visible when they talk about their exponential number of hobbies and creative pursuits! They are also, almost obsessively, constantly thinking and talking about their cats.

Judit is a passionate educator and feminist philosopher who practices embodied and collective presence. Her curiosity ranges from holding safe learning spaces for complex challenges to quilting, hiking, and healing. Her favorite shirt is sustainably sourced, colorful and flexible.

We very much look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to this community!

In the interest of protecting our community, click "Request to Join" and sign up with your school email (for example .edu, .gov or, .org) email address.